DA Architects is contemporary architecture and design studio. Our work is focused on the balance between the characteristics of the site and the environment, the client's requirements, the functionality, the materials and the details, in order to provide unique aesthetics and identity for each design. This is the approach we apply to all of our projects, no matter if it is product design, interior design or buildings design.

Our Awards:
• First prize "Best Commercial Space Design Award" in the category "International Space Design Award Idea-Tops", 2019, Shenzhen, China;
• First prize "Platinum A 'Design Award 2018" in the category "Interior and Exhibition Design"
• First prize - "Best Office / Workspace" Award at the Dibla Design Awards 2017;
• First prize in category "Public interiors" - "NASH DOM" magazine, 2017.
• BIG SEE Interior Design Awards 2018 - Slovenia, category: Workspace
• First prize of "Public interior" - "Idealen Dom" magazine, 2018г.
• Second place for "Most Creative Office Space" - 2017th by b2b Media

Some of our clients are: IBM, DSK bank, Qatar Airways, BBraun, BNP Paribas, Unicredit Bulbank, Lufthansa technik, Colliers, Dais software, InterAgri, SOT-161, Covance clinical, Solytron, Sectron, AES Maritsa east 1, Sofia Airport Center, BroadSoft, Fadata, Seewines, William Hill and Raiffeisen bank.

DA Architects LTD was established in 2013. Martin Ryashev and Yuri Tanov are team leaders and our team includes Zdravka Nistorova, Alexander Asenov, Yana Marinova and Mariela Georgieva.