SOT 161 showroom
The Sectron showroom and office branch of SOT 161 are incorporated on the ground floor of ARIES business building. This is one of our favorite projects with the most challenging demand - to find a new solution and sensation for a place so familiar, trivial and associated with paying bills. The design requirements included in addition to pay desk, a showroom for surveillance equipment and administrative department. The result was a space combined by two parts - dark and light, representing the two companies. First one dealing with security and the “visible” employees that patrol the streets and respond emergency calls on spot and second one the “invisible” employees that support the hardware and the systems that alert and notify in case of an incident. The showroom area has dark background to emphasise on the products. The  office area is lighter and convenient for the personnel and customers.The walls and floors are covered with huge granite tiles 1.5x3.5 m to give it more unite and clean setting. On the walls behind the panelling there are cavities for the air condition system. The reception desk that welcomes the clients, is a monolite granite top 4.5 meters long.