Co-work with Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter
PHASE: Building permit
Situated on the picturesque and furrowed by the vineyards hills of Lozenitsa village, viewing towards the impressive natural rock phenomenon of the Melnik Pyramids, this project blends a small boutique winery, public space for events and several guestrooms.

The aim of the project is to produce a balanced mix between integration in the landscape and creating a visual landmark, yet respectful towards the natural environment. The larger part of the production area of the winery is placed underground, whilst its above ground part is shaped as stepped, grass covered “hill”, allowing for visitors and guests to climb on it, where they could experience the site and the views from a different perspective. The public area is developed in one-storey space, on terrain, oriented toward the views. Three residential towers with guest rooms, are attached to it.

The materials that are used are simple, yet vivid by character – exposed concrete, wood and clay. Most of the roofs are usable green roofs, helping the building to blend into the scenery and mitigating the heat load over the structure.

On the roof, above the enoteca, there is a water “mirror”- a small narrow pool, which acts not only like a strong aesthetical element, but also is an additional temperature buffer.  

In the interior, in the bases of the three towers, there are different service areas in cozy “pockets”, arranged around the events area – small library with workspace, shop and catering kitchenette. A little winter garden is set in one more additional space, attached to the main volume.

The central spot in the public area is the cylindrical enoteca space, which passes through both, the ground and the underground levels, creating a natural connection between production and public area, following the path of the wine tours inside. Its walls are made of local clay, derived from the excavation works on site, according to the original and ancient technology for rammed earth walls. The clay is indisputable as a natural microclimate regulator. It is set in different layers, in order to present the exceptional beauty of the natural nuances in it.

The guest rooms in the towers have compact, functional and minimalistic design. Their height above the ground and wide windows reveal a beautiful view of the vineyards and Pirin.