photographer: Minko Minev
Realization of our interior design for Workspace Bulgaria in Megapark, Sofia. The client was looking for innovative and unconventional solution to distinct his company and represent the products in the best possible way.One of the requirements was to submit a design, according  to the reuse and recycle trends. Following this concepts, we defined a space with emphasized industrial character - self-leveling concrete floor, visible installations and used shipping containers as a focus of the common space. The two shipping containers divide the functional areas of the showroom and are used for display area at the same time.

In order to dynamize the space, one of the containers is cut in halfs, situated in different areas of the showroom and the other container is raised in the air, over the chair exhibition plywood podium. One of its long side walls is removed to create space for a bar and recreational area.

The sloped plywood podium allows the chairs to be arranged in height and by that way to be exposed to every viewing spot. This wooden element continues up vertically and surrounds the reception area dynamically, “guiding” the customer from the entrance to the manager area in the very end of the showroom. 

Outside the shipping containers and the plywood podium, the entire space is designed with minimal use of materials - concrete floor, white walls, ceiling and installations. This design, in combination with the shipping containers, create simple and industrial look that emphasizes the sophisticated mode and the precise detail of the presented furniture.