The new office of the tech giant Huawei meets innovation and pure functionality with human scale and comfort. A balanced palette of soft and light gradient tones, in combination with contrasting elements and fine details, give individuality to each area and an overall feeling of a cozy and stylish workplace. What was specific about this project was the need to redesign the company's existing and operational office, and our analysis identified the need to make a few conceptual key interventions in the existing premises, which, although not so large-scale, led to a noticeably improved working environment.
The reception area features a simple and clean aesthetics and an almost stage-like appearance, which reflects Huawei's philosophy, with a focus on what’s innovative and daring. The wide glazing up against the elevator lobby allows visitors and employees to perceive this area in its entirety as soon as they step onto the floor.

The interior of the office, on the other hand, embraces a different look, in search of a conducive and cozy atmosphere, relying on enhanced diversity, enriched by a skillful alternation between open work spaces and corners for relaxation and collaboration, coffee areas, niches for individual conversations and diverse meeting rooms and video conferencing. The ceilings and the configuration of the plan are remodeled in a way to provide more natural light as a quantity and quality.