GM 44
The apartment is on the 11th floor of a residential building close to the Romanian embassy and offers exquisite views to the south - to Vitosha Mountain, to the west - to the downtown of Sofia and to the north - to the Stara Planina. The interior project has changed the old home plan from the ‘70s into a cosy space with modern features and design. The basic principle of the old plan was each function to be in a particular room. The living room was separated from a small kitchen and a dining room for four. There were separated bathroom and toilet which were connected only with one of the bedrooms. The second bedroom was remote and had no privacy. The living room was dark and narrow. These disadvantages were overcome in the new interior project. The new design completely changed the existing functional areas and opened the floor plan to the panoramic views.

The concept of the project is to create a large multi functional space and a separated area for two bedrooms and a bathroom. The spaces overflow to one another and make most of daylight and panorama. In every room there’s a presence of natural materials and full of light. The large space 50 sq.m is created by uniting the old bedroom, living room, entry, hallway and balcony. The kitchen is moved to the common area. The design includes a new walnut dining table for ten right next to the piano and white cast iron fireplace.The space continues in the sitting area, where the old bedroom used to be, and finishes with long south terrace with a view of Vitosha mountain. The bathroom and the toilet are united.There is a big window with a view of Stara Planina right over the sink. The old dining room is transformed into master bedroom and the old kitchen into a master closet. So the two bedrooms are both close to the bathroom with their own private common area and at the same time right next to the living room.

The floors in the whole apartment are leveled which helps the separate rooms to overflow when the doors are open and improves the comfort of living. A perfect acoustic environment is achieved in the piano and dining area by using an acoustic ceiling with integrated linear lighting. The white color dominates in the apartment as a symbol of clarity, simplicity and perfection. It’s used for all the walls, ceilings and built in furniture. The use of natural wood like walnut and ash tree brings warmth and coziness in this monochrome interior. The accents in the space are made using natural wood not color. The same material walnut is used for the floor of the sitting area, the dining table, the kitchen top and the entrance bench. Using of the same material in different shapes unifies the common area again. In the bedrooms the ash tree is the material for the flooring and the parts of the built-in furniture. With its light shade it keeps the feeling of spaciousness. All the windows in the apartment are expanded to the ceiling which makes the natural light to go further into the rooms. Its presence is boosted by white furniture and walls.The window of the master bedroom takes the whole length of the facade which allows the northern diffuse daylight to gently fill the room through the white textile curtains. The artificial lighting is designed with linear lamps. In the bathroom and the corridor they are integrated in-between the wall and the ceiling which highlights the straight geometric forms that match the pursuit of precision and perfection.