GO! apartment
Zdravka Nistorova arch., Yuri Tanov arch., Martin Ryashev arch.

photos: Minko Minev , video: Todor Atanasov + Minko Minev

Proficiently mastered open spaces, unity and clarity in the treatment of the furniture in combination with a balanced palette of soft tones and natural materials give a feeling for coziness and contemporary appearance to this home. It is situated in gated complex GORA and is surrounded by green plots. Bordered by a river to the west and a richly landscaped property to the south - set aside for a future park. Considering the area and the adjacent views, we shaped the spaces in a way that they could be opened to the surrounding landscape and the Mountain View with a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and functional areas. The project was awarded the first prize in the category "Residential Interior - Apartment" in the Dibla Design Awards 2022 and was selected in the prestigious selection "Best of 2022 Project Selection" in one of the most authoritative architectural platforms in the world - Archello, based in the Netherlands.

The spacious living room made to gather all the family members, combines three zones that complete each other. The six-meter long kitchen occupying the width of the room integrates all the necessary electrical appliances as well as the air conditioning system providing height of over three meters in the entire space. The kitchen island adds more working surfaces and room for integrated wine display cabinets storing carefully selected wines from all around the world. On both sides of the island, there are shelfs for cookbooks and accessories. The dining room occupies the space between the kitchen, the view and the terrace. The painting by Krasimir Terziev complements the dining area.

On the terrace, there is a table with aluminum construction and a technical stone top, which is resistant to weather conditions and provides opportunity for outdoor dining. The sofa next to the large windows gives a good view to the surrounding forest and silhouette of Vitosha. So in a natural way the landscape outside complements the palette of light tones and natural materials which dominate the interior.

The master bedroom is separated from the corridor and the children’s bedrooms by a vestibule designed as a wardrobe area. This area is defined by light gray concrete surfaces of the furniture, walls and ceiling in a balance with the warmth of the wooden floor and headboard. A transforming piece of furniture has been designed near the window, enabling it to be used as a work corner, a place to store jewelry and a make-up area. It's also a part of a linear furniture composition along the length of the wall, which can be used as a storage and a display for design elements and paintings. The closet is divided into two separate areas - his and hers, emphasizing the individual look with the use of the different structure of the materials - the structure of the concrete and the fine white boards, as two complementary parts of one whole.

Kids‘ bedrooms have a different appearance. A combination of many surprises in the design and hidden functionalities in the furniture, the alternation of different heights and materials, create spaces that develop the adventurous spirit and imagination. The game with the combination of shapes and colours provides an individual character to each room. The furniture is adapted to the functional demands of the different ages of the children. In one of the rooms we have a spacious raised floor soft seating area with storage underneath, facing the window and the nearby forest. The design flows in ascending beds and wardrobe creating diverse areas for play. In the second bedroom, the space is more unified with a huge wardrobe that goes along two sides of the bedroom. It sets space for two diverse niches, in the dynamics of which the children's beds hang above the floor.

The style of the bathrooms is a natural continuation of the bedrooms. The overall feel of the master bathroom is serenity. Materials and lighting are softer. The shower area is enhanced with raised illuminated ceiling giving the illusion of a natural light. The second bathroom keeps up the play with the different shapes from the kid's bedrooms transforming the suspended ceiling into interesting forms, which add dynamics to the space.

The good balance between individualized solutions for each room and each member of the family, combined with contemporary design, achieve a complete and unified appearance of the apartment and turn it into a complete home combining harmony, light and tranquility.