This three-storey residential building is situated in the south side of Dragalevtsi district, Sofia. The project has been approved by the local authorities and has been issued a building permit. On each floor is located one spacious apartment. The staircase of the building is in the middle which allows of each apartment to be separated by its entrance into two zones - “day”and “night”. “Day” zone includes soft seating living area, fireplace, dining area, indoor winter garden, kitchen, bathroom and guest bedroom. The “night” zone has three bedrooms each with separate bathroom and walk-in closet. To minimize the excavation work on this sloped site, we lifted the building of the ground and created an open parking lot on one side and underground service rooms on the other. The building is situated in the north site of the property, close to the street. That way it forms a quiet south courtyard facing neighbourhood greenery and Vitosha mountain.