MN 19
The renovation aimed to transform this dated 40 sq.m studio into a convenient, functional modern living space for an young couple. The original plan consisted of main working space, small kitchenette and a bathroom. In order to make a functional bedroom we relocated the kitchenette. We designed diverse open floor plan with the rest of the space by adding functional areas. 

In the 18 sq.m room we organized convenient kitchen, dining area, piano area, office space and sitting area. We managed to fit all this areas by combining furniture and moving it around. A small foldable table is used as a kitchen island and a dining table for two. It can be combined with working desk on wheels and to be transformed into dining table for six. When it’s not needed, the table can be folded so it does not take up excessive space.The kitchen is small but has all the necessary amenities. Under the roof window there is a long desk where you can put a digital piano and place the piano scores on the window side. That makes the niche with the sloping roof useful and in the same time inspiring for the musician with its views of the sky and the surrounding roofs. The office space is organized next to the french windows that lead to a private balcony with oak paneling and wood decking. It’s designed to be area for relax, reading or refreshing summer breakfast. The built-in cabinets make room for lot of storage. To make the furniture looks lighter we used white color and raised it from the floor. By doing so we helped the oak parquet floor to show up and unify the space. The same oak parquet is used on the wall behind sofa to define the sitting area. The sofa is extensible and can be used as a bed for guests as needed.

The second room has an area of 8 sq.m and is designed for a bedroom with a built-in wardrobe and an working desk under the roof window. There is a second balcony with oak paneling, wood decking and low cabinets that add extra storage space.White curtains used for all the windows allows the light to go through the whole dwelling and maximise the sense of spaciousness. The restrained nature of the material palette complements the simplicity of the spaces. The design turned this small and low-ceiling studio into a convenient stylish modern home.