MR apartment              photos: Minko Minev, video: Todor Atanasov + Minko Minev

Proper balance between stylish vision and convenience, combined with the feeling of a modern technological home, make this apartment so complete and integrated. Situated at the outskirts of Vitosha and facing the mountain, the apartment is quiet and abundantly illuminated. Building on this, we further develop the sense of light and space. Designed for a successful young professional, technological company manager, the interior reflects the new demands of the modern way of inhabiting, based on convenience and ease of use, as well as on bold and innovative solutions. All these lines in the design have been refracted through our vision of design and current trends. The project won the award for "Best Home - Apartment" in the competition "Dibla design awards 2021" and was included in the prestigious selection for the best projects of 2021. on the international platform for architecture and design - Best projects of 2021

The living room combines three separate areas. The main focus is on the sitting area with multimedia and audio system, integrated discretely into the furniture, without being visually intrusive, while still meeting the requirements of an ardent audiophile and music lover.

The solid dining table by Paolo Cappello is situated directly next to the vast terrace and faces the adjacent park areas and the mountain.

The gradual transition between the different areas in the living room allows flexible and diverse use. References to light-blue hues and the soft lines of the Patricia Urquiola furniture in each area, bring an ethereal sense of lightness. The apartment is separated into two main areas, and all service rooms are united in a central core, covered by acoustically textured grey paneling.

The kitchen is developed, based on the “show cooking“ concept, focusing on the large kitchen isle, facing the views but also the room, which allows the host to freely communicate with their guests. Additional cupboards, large fridge and integrated countertops with built-in appliances are hidden behind textured grey paneling, with full height doors, which slide into niches, providing additional usable area on the countertops.

The bedrooms and the study are situated in the eastern and northern parts of the apartment, ensuring enhanced intimacy and comfort, when working full-time from home, irrespective of the season and sunlight intensity.In the master bedroom and its adjacent bathroom, special attention is paid to the unique view of the “Kambanite“ (the Bells) monument, from where the first morning sunrays enter the apartment. There is a soft, built-in ambient nightlight above the bed, designed as a stylized world map, offering the option of marking all visited locations, after every trip.

The integrity throughout the apartment, finds its reflection in the bathrooms, where the unity of materials was used to define the floors and walls. The intimacy of these spaces demands coziness and comfort, as the wooden lattice on the ceiling, with elegantly built-in lighting contribute significantly for that, while the Corian countertops and washbasins contain special recesses and flowerpots for natural greenery.

Children’s bedroom is the place for play, but it can also be fun and function. The separated sleeping and study areas, as well as the shelving are formed by “wooden” niches of various shapes and dimensions. A second, additional bed is placed underneath the main bed, which can be pulled out and used for sleeping by visiting children.

The ergonomics of the workplace is ensured by a high-class office chair by Haworth. The study provides additional functionality, as it can be used as a guestroom, thanks to the retractable modular sofa by COR, made based on a 1972 design by Team Form AG, Switzerland. The original and simple vision is still up-to-date almost 50 years later and perfectly supplements the modern stylistics of the interior.

The interior is designed with particular attention to detail and acoustic comfort. The designer lighting is supplied by Wolfram and Muuto, and all appliances and systems may be controlled by voice or mobile device. The colors and elements used, express owner’s love of the sea and travel, while the natural materials and plants bring more coziness and warmth into the home. Ultimately, the balance at home contributes to the balance in ourselves, and it is an expression of our striving to live a better live!